Consultancy services

Accessibility as a Service is a service where the full expertise of Inklud's certified employees are at your disposal. The service is versatile and can, among other things, be used for: 

  • Auditing specific services or parts of services
  • Audit design systems or komponent libraries
  • Pair programming
  • Answer questions about legal requirements and best practice, your own accessbility department
  • Produce an accessibility statement
  • User expert testing with our native screen reader user Stian Snoen 

Accessibility as a Service also include access to Inklud's customer portal where you ampng other things will find documentation for every hour delivered. Any requests and questions made during the service peroid will be answer as soon as possible, tyically within 24 hours. 

Some of the formal qualifications our experts have include:

  • Masters degree in universal design of ICT
  • Certification through IAAP:
    • Certified Professional in Web Accessibility
      • Web Accessibility Specialist
      • Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies

Contact us to learn more

If you want Accessibility as a Service or have questions regarding pricing, methodoligy or anything else, please do contact us at